Know More About The Historical Places: Tokyo Imperial Palace


Enjoy visiting the Imperial Palace which is a major historical tourist attraction place located in Tokyo, Japan. The palace is situated in the heart of Tokyo city which boasts of the world’s most and exotic real estate. The historical palace is dotted with a park and stone walls which enlightens the beauty of the entire place.

The ruins that are coupled in the inner sanctum are surrounded by trees, pleasant gardens, and administration buildings.

The construction and the engineering works of the Edo Castle is the greatest achievement in the history. The rivers of the place were diverted, and a huge amount of land was added to the city.

To defend the palace, several islands were built in the city. The site of the Tokyo Imperial Palace was established in the Meiji period in 660 BC. You cannot find any buildings at the Edo Castle, but you can witness the watchtowers, entrance gates, walls, and the moats.

Fascinating facts about the Tokyo Imperial Palace

  • The grounds of the imperial palace are roughly divided into four quadrants. That includes the official residences and inner grounds. These are mainly closed, but special openings are scheduled every year. It is the home of the famous Emperor Akihito who tends to be the 125th emperor of Japan and 4th ruler to rule from the site of Tokyo.
  • About a third of the entire Imperial Palace is opened for the public, and you can pay a visit on relevant hours. You can enjoy the 90 minutes of your fruitful walk to witness the architectural exterior of the famous buildings.
  • It is very much difficult to witness the inner grounds of the Tokyo Imperial Palace that is engraved with a breath-taking garden design, history, and architecture. This amazing historical place has still attained the historic charm, and all the buildings which you will be witnessing here are from the WWII era.
  • The well-preserved buildings and lovely maintained gardens are restored which showcases that it is the home to many Japanese Emperors for 1000 years. Rest of the place is coupled with amazing gardens, and it is dedicated to the parks. The lush green gardens allow it to become a fabulous place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • You have to enter the palace through Otemon Gate, and the first place you will see is the East gardens. The gate was once used to store the goods during defense. And was reconstructed in 1968 because the original was destroyed in WWII in 1945.
  • The impressive and massive doors are well coupled with the cobbled stone. And just walking through the gates you will witness the Museum of the Imperial Palace. Get the picturesque beauty of the wide collections of arts and crafts which tends to be old and rare.

Pack your bags and walk through the formal entrance of Imperial palace that is opened in the special occasions. Get the ecstatic view of the double bridge which enhances the beauty of the palace. The stone bridge is heavily photographed by dozens of visitors and travelers from all over the world.